Master Key Week 24: The Mystery


Master Key Week 24: The Mystery
True success … is the unfolding of the divinity within us. … When we begin to experience our life as the miraculous expression of divinity – not occasionally, but all the time – then we will know the true meaning of success.” Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success


Back in November I received a package from Amazon. Opening it, I was shocked to find a book I hadn’t ordered … The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. I already had a copy, (currently sitting in my daughter’s house), that I purchased almost twenty years ago. I was baffled. What mystical scenario occurred that put this book in my hands at this particular time? Who sent it and why? …. Did the universe just drop it at my door step? If so, for what reason?

CHOPRA_7 Spiritual Laws of Success

I believe everything happens for a reason, so I should have opened the book when I got it in the mail. … But, I did nothing with it until the Sunday webinar a few weeks ago when Mark J and Trish commented on Deepak Chopra and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. What they said motivated me to open the book.

What I found … almost 20 years after reading it the first time … was amazing! The book includes five chapters that deal with things we’ve been studying with the Master Key System … The Laws of Giving, “Karma” or Cause and Effect, Least Effort, Intention and Desire, and “Dharma” or Purpose in Life, plus more.

As I read, three chapters stood out: The Law of Least Effort, The Law of Pure Potentiality, and The Law of Detachment.

The Law of Least Effort

This law uses the principle of least action, no resistance. Deepak tells us to observe nature to see how things are done. “Grass doesn’t try to grow, it just grows. … It is the nature of the sun to shine. … And it is human nature to make our dreams manifest into physical form, easily and effortlessly. … Least effort is expended when your actions are motivated by love, because nature is held together by the energy of love.“ … To apply this law, requires three parts, Acceptance, Responsibility and Defenselessness. … These are just what Mark J had us write on our index cards several weeks ago.

The Law of Pure Potentiality

This law deals with the field of all possibilities and infinite creativity. Deepak says, “the source of all creation is pure consciousness … And when we realize our true Self is one of pure potentiality, we align with the power that manifests everything in the universe.” … To access this field requires “silence, meditation and non-judgment.” … So, we do what we’ve been doing each day with the sit and “no opinions” … This chapter adds to what Mark J has been teaching us, especially the IMPORTANCE of SILENCE to get in touch with our “essential nature,” … who we really are … and connect with the Universal Mind.

Deepak also writes about the GAP, our “connection to the field of pure potentiality. It is that state of pure awareness, that silent space between thoughts, that inner stillness that connects you to true power.” … I learned about the GAP twenty years ago. Although I understood its importance, I found meditation difficult and sitting in silence uncomfortable. Reading this chapter now … with new eyes and a new mindset … added another level of importance to silence and to being nonjudgmental.

The Law of Detachment

This law says “to acquire anything in the physical universe you have to relinquish your attachment to it.” We don’t give up our desire or the intention to create the desire but we give up our “attachment to the result” which is based on “the unquestioning belief in the power of your true Self.” If we have an “attachment,” that attachment is based on fear and insecurity. … “Relinquish your attachment to the known, step into the unknown and you will step into the field of all possibilities.”

Isn’t this part of what the Hero’s Journey is about?

As I was writing this, I realized I got the answer to one question about  this book’s unexpected and unexplained arrival … the “why”. I believe I was meant to read it and read it now, with its wealth of knowledge and wisdom that expands on Master Key concepts and processes. I feel grateful for its arrival, which is still a mystery, but a welcomed one.

Maybe one day I’ll find the answer to my other question: “Who sent this book?” … In the mean time, I think I’m just going to entertain the notion that maybe the universe just dropped it at my door step.

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Master Key Week 23 – Master of My Emotions

Master Key Week 23 – Master of My Emotions

Today I am master of my emotions. … I recognize and identify the mystery of moods in all mankind, and in me.” … Og Mandino


Of all the chapters in The Greatest Salesman in the World, I found Chapter Thirteen to be the most relevant for me because controlling emotions has been, at times, an ongoing challenge. As I read the chapter I felt somehow comforted by Og’s words … knowing I’ve not been alone in the challenges of controlling emotions.

It is one of nature’s tricks, little understood, that each day I awaken with moods that have changed from yesterday. … Inside me is a wheel constantly turning from sadness to joy, from exultation to depression, from happiness to melancholy. … There will be days when I must constantly struggle against forces which would tear me down.” … Wow! Og defined a human condition … a very common human condition … probably blueprint connected.

He identified FORCES that have the potential to CAPTURE us … forces of sadness, self-pity and failure. Most, if not all of us, are familiar with feelings of being sad, fearful, inferior, uncertain, poor, incompetent, depressed, or insignificant. There are also feelings that appear positive on the surface, yet “can also destroy,” … those feeling that we can use to put ourselves on a pedestal, being better than, more important than, or somehow above others that come with thoughts of overconfidence, overindulgence, feelings of greatness or of being all-powerful.

Og wrote that as we understand and recognize these moods in ourselves, we can also understand and recognize them in others. When we do that we can make “allowances” for those who “know not the secret of controlling” their minds … Knowing that secret reminds me of the importance of remembering “no opinions” and “no judgments,” including people we meet for the first time.

Another thing Og said I thought was most insightful: “Trees and plants depend on the weather to flourish but I make my own weather, yea I transport it with me.”… I realized I DO make my own weather and transport it with me … WHEREVER I GO … both the good and the not so good. It not only affects me, but potentially anyone and everyone I encounter during my day. What do I want to transport with me … rain all day, cold and cloudy, … or blue-sky and sunshine?




The bottom line: It’s up to me to create weather that allows me to FLOURISH. I get to CHOOSE day by day, moment by moment.

Our MK process is all about changing ourselves and our blueprints, and recognizing that this “human condition” of negative thoughts doesn’t have to be our condition. We can CHOOSE to control our destinies by mastering our emotions.

Og’s sums up the ultimate benefit of mastering those emotions when he writes:

I AM master of myself. I AM great.

Amen to that!

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Master Key Week 22A: Wattles – Another Gold Mine

Master Key Week 22A: Wattles – Another Gold Mine

No man can rise to his greatest possible height in talent or soul development unless he has plenty of money; for to unfold the soul and to develop talent he must have many things to use, and he cannot have these things unless he has money to buy them with.”… Wallace D. Wattles


I am thoroughly enjoying Wallace Wattles’ book, The Science of Getting Rich, which I chose to buy (a kindle version) for a whopping 99 cents. Wallace’s writing style is down to earth, treating things from a practical point of view. He says, “I have sacrificed all other considerations to plainness and simplicity of style, so that all might understand.” … And, he does just that.

Published in 1910, “This book is pragmatical, not philosophical, a Practical Manual, not a treatise upon theories. It is intended for the men and women … who wish to get rich first, and philosophize afterward … who have found neither the time, the means nor the opportunity to go deeply into the study of metaphysics.”


His Chapters are interesting:

 The Right to Be Rich

Man’s right to life means his right to have the free and unrestricted use of all the things which may be necessary to his fullest mental, spiritual, and physical enfoldment; or, in other words, his right to be rich.”

There is a Science of Getting Rich

It is an exact science, like algebra or arithmetic. There are certain laws which govern the process of acquiring riches; once these laws are learned and obeyed by any man, he will get reich with mathematical certainty.“ … sounds like the Master Key System.

The First Principle in The Science of Getting Rich

THOUGHT is the only power which can produce tangible riches from the Formless Substance.” … right in line with Haanel. Wattles goes on to say: “To think health when surrounded by the appearances of disease, or to think riches when in the midst of appearances of poverty; requires power; but he who acquires this power becomes a MASTER MIND. He can conquer fate; he can have what he wants.”

Much of what Haanel wrote about is reflected in Wattle’s writing … just with a different twist, and sometimes with a very different twist. Wattles, like Haanel, wrote about the importance of gratitude, giving, love, thinking in a certain way, a clear mental image, using the Will, personal action, faith, desire, etc.

Haanel wrote about the Universal Mind expressing through us … while Wattles wrote: “God, the One Substance, is trying to live and do and enjoy things through humanity. He is saying ‘I want hands to build wonderful structures, to play divine harmonies, to paint glorious pictures; I want feet to run my errands, eyes to see my beauties, tongues to tell mighty truths and to sing marvelous songs …”

I haven’t finished Wattles book quite yet, but I’m excited to get back and read more, combining what he has to say with what I’ve been learning from Haanel. The VALUE of The Science of Getting Rich is way, way more than 99 cents! Like Haanel’s writing, it could be another gold mine.

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Master Key Week 22 – Back to the COMFORT ZONE

Master Key Week 22 – Back to the COMFORT ZONE 


 “Do I pursue what I want or do what’s comfortable?” … Davene

 In Sunday’s Webinar, Mark J talked about setting up the BREAKTHROUGH with the Comfort Zone … “The old friend, the Comfort Zone, is designed to AVOID those feelings”  … of Fear, Guilt, Unworthiness, Hurt Feelings, and Anger.” … If we cling to the Comfort Zone, we’ll get more of what we don’t want … those NEGATIVE FEELINGS. 

We are not children any more, but we’re still thinking as children. …  The systems we’re still using were constructed when we were young. … Most adults are in this mode of thinking.” … That’s our learned behavior, our react mode, our conditioning, our old blueprint, our peptide addictions.



Davene suggested, “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” So, we need to change the way we look at each of those negative feelings.

“FEAR gives us energy and focused concentration”

“ANGER gives us energy to change”

“UNWORTHINESS keeps us on track”

“GUILT validates good, that we are good people and know what to do”

“HURT FEELINGS remind us how much we care.”



“Make a DECISION to LEARN to use the TOOLS to your advantage.”

“Give yourselves PERMISSION to be the OBSERVER.”

“IF and ONLY IF you will be the OBSERVER, you can attach ANY FEELING you want.”

“Expand the Comfort Zone … deal with discomfort”

You’re not 5 anymore … use the system in a different way.”


Where are we HEADED armed with all this good knowledge that will help us DISMANTLE the COMFORT ZONE?





Mark J’s comment: “You are READY. GO FOR IT! … with Love, Persistence, Appreciation and Gratitude.”






Master Key Week 21 –The PARADOX: the Mountain and the Tool Box!

Master Key Week 21 –The PARADOX: the Mountain and the Tool Box!
Feeling very grateful for the renaming of the five big negative emotions as ‘tools’ – cuts them down to size and puts us in control as we use them to help us climb our chosen mountain!” … Jason & Jan Pollock … MK Alliance Area

On Wednesday night’s SIT concentrating on “the Truth shall make you free”, I experienced a short video clip that played in my head. I saw myself climbing a mountain, but feeling resistence. As I turned around to look for the source of the my struggles, I saw several huge rocks, each connected to me with a heavy rope.




The mountain spoke (silently): “These are holding you back.” The huge rocks were negative emotions: fear, grief, anger, unworthiness, and guilt.

I pictured myself taking ACTION. I picked up each huge rock (effortlessly), put it over my head … with one of those Powerful Postures … and threw it down the side of the mountain. I felt relieved to be free of those huge rocks … the negative emotions … and grateful I’d be able to get to the top of the mountain.

Thinking about what I just witnessed after I was done with my SIT, I realized it was a paradox, of sorts. The Truth was obvious: Get rid of those negative emotions. THROW THEM AWAY!!!

BUT, just last week, I ADDED negative emotions to my MK Tool Box … knowing that Mark J’s words were ALSO the truth:

Use every ADVERSITY for greater achievement or accomplishment.”

It was easy for me to put those emotions in my Tool Box because I already knew negative emotions and feelings helped me grow and change. My feelings of fear, grief, anger, unworthiness, and guilt … along with the chatter in my head … actually DROVE ME to GROW and CHANGE.

So, the Paradox: the two contradictory approaches both seemed to hold the truth.

Maybe the answer to my confusion with the paradox lies in the CEMENT and the fact that I have more cement to CHIP AWAY. … Maybe I need to keep the negative emotions in my tool box until I chip away the last of the cement.



 (If I had a choice, I would much rather throw these negative emotions down the mountainside and be done with them once and for all!)


Needless to say, I’m looking forward to Mark J’s Sunday call to shed light on this  Paradox of the Mountain and the Tool Box.


Master Key Week 20 – Expanding Our COMFORT ZONES!

Master Key Week 20 – Expanding Our COMFORT ZONES!

“Use every ADVERSITY for greater achievement or accomplishment!” … Mark J

In the Sunday Webinar, Davene talked about the Old Blueprint, FEAR, and our COMFORT ZONE. She said “Each of us is living the life we choose and our choices have consequences … day to day or minute to minute choices.” Most people choose comfort instead of adventure with its “perceived risk.” The result of choosing the Comfort Zone is that “We are left with the life we currently have.” Unfortunately, “the Comfort zone will control us until we control it.”

What comes with the Comfort Zone?

Fear … Guilt … Unworthiness … Hurt feelings … Anger

Where did many of these feelings come from? … Growing up in our society. According to Skinner, “Society attacks early, when the individual is helpless.” As humans we seek pleasure and avoid pain. When there is conflict or danger, we react physiologically in one of two ways: FIGHT or FLIGHT … “Out run or out fight”. Fight or Flight are “the two pillars of the comfort zone … and we have an emotional attachment to the zone,” based on our programming, our blueprint.

As most of us know, we don’t have to actually be in danger to trigger that Fight or Flight response. It can just be the PERCEPTION of danger. So, “it’s no surprise we ‘opt’ for COMFORT … and, that ‘COMFORT’ keeps the old blueprint alive.” … And don’t forget that “the Comfort Zone’s peptides lead to a rehash of old patterns” … that no longer serve us. So, unfortunately, “Comfort is a choice for no change.” …

Which means for us MKMMAers ==> 

DISCOMFORT is actually good.

Being ‘uncomfortable’ is part of the process of growth,” which is what we are looking to create.

To help us, Mark J gave us a new TOOL and said “hammering was a great metaphor” for our process, … the process of breaking out of the cement Buddha.



What’s holding the cement Buddha together?

Fear is the brick, and Guilt, Anger, and Hurt Feelings are the mortar,” and, “Sadness is anger turned inward.”



Mark J’s new tool: “Use every ADVERSITY for greater achievement or accomplishment.”

So , this week, I’ve put my new TOOLS {fear, guilt, anger, hurt feelings, and unworthiness} into my tool box in between my HAMMER (jackhammer type) and my Mental Diet. With them I start EXPANDING my COMFORT ZONE and chipping away more CEMENT.






Master Key Week 19 – POWERFUL POSTURES!

Master Key Week 19 – POWERFUL POSTURES!

The Body Can Actually Train the Brain!!!
How cool is that! …

In the video we saw, thanks to David Evans, we now know there is Science behind what happens. We saw evidence from people taking part in experiments that standing in certain POWER positions for just 2 MINUTES increased their testosterone, the “Dominance Hormone,” … and decreased their Cortisol, the “Stress Hormone.” People who were in these HIGH-POWER poses … standing with hands on a table or on their hips … or sitting in a chair looking relaxed, feet up on the table … felt powerful.

We also saw that people in LOW-POWER poses that made them look smaller, … hunched over, clutching arms, folded hands, touching their necks (for protection) … did not feel powerful.

Obviously, the answer is YES! … to the question: Do our non-verbals govern how we think and feel about ourselves?

Why? Because physiologically, hormones affect our thoughts and feelings.

Two minutes lead to HORMONAL CHANGES that configure our brains to be either assertive, confident, comfortable … OR Stress Reactive, feeling SHUT DOWN.” … So, since our non-verbals do govern how we think and feel about ourselves, we can use our BODY to CHANGE our MIND.



Wonder Woman

OR …




Mark said he’s been using postures … like raising his arms toward the sky … or raising one or both arms with index finger pointed skyward … since he was FOUR YEARS old. He suggests “we use these body poses … and Mind Gym exercises too … to ”put our bodies to work with us … training our brains to feel more CONFIDENT AND less STRESSFUL.”

When I was done watching the video, I PUSHED my arms upward in a V-shape … with enTHUsiasm. INSTANTLY, not two minutes later, I felt energized. That was amazing to me and also very COOL!


Master Key Week 18 – Documentary: ”I AM”

Master Key Week 18 – Documentary: ”I AM” 

“The truth of who we are is that we are because we belong.”

Watching the documentary “I Am” gave me a chance for introspection and forced me to think about things of importance from questions asked:

What’s wrong with our world?”

“What can we do about it?”

“Is the essential nature of humans to cooperate or to dominate?”

The documentary pointed out some troubling trends: “There’s a basic concept that we’re wired to compete, which creates separation, and makes people passive and apathetic. Competition has high value; cooperation has low value … Our Job is to be a consumer, not a citizen. … Wealth and happiness are synonyms. … The problem is the separation of us from our natural world … with the economy being the most important thing in our lives. … ‘Buy more stuff.’ … The key idea we embrace is that humans belong to a world that is separate from the rest of the world.”



Humanity is going to require a substantially new way of thinking if it is to survive.”… Albert Einstein


But, the documentary also brought up more positive attributes: the importance of cooperation, as exhibited by the animal kingdom. … “Sympathy is the strongest instinct in human nature that underlies empathic behaviors. … “We’re hard-wired to a compassionate response toward others.” … When people see this and it creates this powerful response that creates endorphins, which are evolutionary reinforcers. … When we have SERVED others, there is a deep contentment.”

The documentary provided information about the mirror neuron: “When you see someone suffering, you feel it. We’re geared at a primordial level to feel what another person feels.” … It identified the culture created at St. Judes as inspiring: “You are sick and I will love you” which is a model that should be spread and emulated. It discussed the importance of the heart, which as intelligence, and that positive emotions create inner harmony. “The heart is the boss of us” and sends far more information to the brain than the brain sends to it.

As I watched this documentary through the eyes of an MKMMAer, I realized the influence the Master Key system is having on me. It stresses cooperation through masterminding and focuses on observing positive attributes like kindness and sharing and caring about others. It focuses on giving and serving and looking for kindnesses in the world around us and doing kindnesses ourselves. It’s about us cooperating with each other, having harmonious, happy thoughts that are good for us, those around us … AND  for connecting with the Universal Mind.

Isn’t it great that Mark J and Davene are looking to spread this wonderful system around the world … that taps into the essential nature of humans to cooperate, serves others, and gives us a completely new way of thinking!!!

Master Key Week 17a – “Knowledge … Concentration … to Power”

Master Key Week 17a – “Knowledge … Concentration … to Power”

Rereading Week 12 of the Master Key highlights points worth remembering:

You must first have the knowledge of your power; the courage to dare; the faith to do.”

How do we get knowledge?

We get it by understanding Natural laws. But first we must learn that “the only real power which you can have is the power to adjust yourself to Divine and unchangeable principles. You cannot change the Infinite, but you can come into an understanding of Natural laws.”

What is this Power in the World of Power Within?

 It is “an actual creative force with which we can build new conditions and new environment.” This creative force is the vehicle we can use to create the external world we desire. It also is “a power which increases with use; is permanent instead of fleeing.”

The world of power within “is potent as a remedial agency to bring about the remedy for past error or results of wrong thinking.” This statement is both encouraging and comforting since we as humans make mistakes and engage in wrong thinking. Struggling with the Mental Diet, I feel better knowing part of the power within can “put right” my errors and mistakes.

Finally, The world of power within “is a prophylactic agency protecting us from all manner and form of danger.” Again, I felt encouraged and comforted to know there is protection for us as we venture into this new invisible world on our Heroes Journey.

Why do we struggle understanding these new ideas?

Haanel says, “Man is so constituted he must first create the tools, or implements by which he gains the power to think. The mind cannot comprehend an entirely new idea until a corresponding vibratory brain cell as been prepared to receive it.” He goes on to say “Begin now and create the necessary brain cells which will enable you to comprehend the unlimited powers which may be yours by cooperating with Natural Law.”

How do we do this?

This is done by “concentration or attention. … It is in the Silence that you get into touch with the Omnipotent power of the subconscious mind from which all power is evolved.”

So, the silence and concentration become key to securing wisdom. And, the process, as we well know, is an unfoldment. … We are on our way!!!





Nothing can have power over you unless you allow it to.” … Guy Finley


My Franklin Makeover item for this week, “Well Organized,” started a real makeover for me. In looking for things that were well organized, I started with the not so well-organized areas in my house … my kitchen countertop that’s a good place to put “stuff” … lots of stuff … and also the area next to my computer. As I started working on getting rid of the clutter, I thought about all the other times I organized these two areas and realized that my tendency to accumulate “stuff” in them was a bad habit.

My mind linked back to another bad habit I’ve had … doing things at the last minute. That instantly connected me to something Davene said on one of the Sunday calls. She told us she had a habit of doing things at the last minute … even important things like sending information to her networking company in order to get paid. She said that habit was an addiction that involved Peptides. If the tendency to do things at the last minute was in the addiction category, then my clutter problem probably fell in that category too. … But, I didn’t understand WHY.

Being a detail-oriented person who needs to KNOW WHY, I did research and found the “Addiction Clip” from “What the Bleep Do We Know,” and learned more about “emotional addictions.” In the clip Joe Dispenza said, “The brain is made up of tiny nerve cells called neurons. They have tiny branches that reach out and connect to other neurons to form a Neuro Net. Each place where they connect is integrated into a thought or a memory. The brain builds up all its concepts by the Law of Associative Memory. … For example ideas, thoughts and feelings are all constructed and interconnected in this Neuro Net and all have a possible relationship with one another.”

Firing, wiring and …

Neuro Net Cell Firing images


We know physiologically that nerve cells that fire together wire together,” … something Mark J reminds us about frequently. “If you practice something over and over, those cells have a long-term relationship. If you get angry, … frustrated, … suffer on a daily basis, if you give reason for the victimization in your life, you’re rewiring and reintegrating that Neuro Net on a daily basis and that Neuro Net has a long term relationship with all those other nerve cells called an Identity.”

Joe’s words made me realize how bad habits become ingrained … CEMENTED … into our lives and why they are so difficult to break if we continue feeding them.

The hypothalamus part of our brain is “a little mini factory … that assembles certain chemicals … PEPTIDES … into neuro-peptides or neuro-hormones that match the emotional state we experience on a daily basis. … There’s a chemical for every emotional state we experience. The moment we experience that emotional state, in our body or our brain, that hypothalamus will immediately assemble the peptide and then releases it to the pituitary and to the blood stream.” … The Peptide DOCKS onto our cells … and “changes the cell in many ways.”

The science behind this Peptide phenomenon was fascinating, but what I found even more fascinating, and also disturbing, was that fact that: “We BRING to ourselves situations that will bring the biochemical craving of the cells by creating situations that meet our chemical needs.” That’s where the addictions comes in, emotional addictions, that most people don’t even know about or understand.

In another article, by Anthony Iantosca, I found “The cells have no preference over NICE chemicals such as love, joy, bliss … OR … BAD chemicals associated with fear, abuse, trauma or pain. The cells are totally unconditional. They never judge a Peptide as good or bad; the cells simply get addicted and hooked on the Peptide’s intensity.”


The cells get addicted on the Peptide’s INTENSITY … good or bad!

I also bought Guy Finley’s book, Breaking Dependency, Learning to Let Go and Be Free from the Inside Out. … He writes: “Every addiction, regardless of its kind, begins with what amounts to some form of unseen temptation. It’s important to point this out because we need to realize that the things in life compromising us – that control us – don’t just ‘happen’ out of nowhere. There is always an unseen ‘Interior’ reason that underlies our entering into some captive conditions.”

Most of the time with my clutter situation, I didn’t “feel” like putting the assorted “stuff” away, so told myself “I don’t need to do it now.” The clutter should have bothered me, but for some reason I found it easy to ignore. I thought I was in control by resisting doing something about it, but  realize now that what I was resisting was controlling me.

I also learned in an article by Anthony Iantosca that “if our cells are not receiving their addiction of choice,” the Peptides send a message to our brain that “calls up images from the past (Emotional Memories), so we start thinking the same thoughts in order to create more of the same Peptides that were connected to that Positive or Negative Emotion. The personality repeats the same behavior again and again never realizing it is a natural cycle of “Cellular Peptide addiction. This is why these Emotions cannot be addressed Logically. The personality is addicted to a behavior pattern and the Peptides associated with the Emotion.”

I didn’t have a clue that I had “a natural cycle of Cellular Peptide addiction” or that it affected my Personality … or my Identity.

Wow! That information shed light on a whole array of negative … and positive …  emotions and behaviors I’ve experienced over the years. But, it’s those negatives we need to be aware of.

Guy says, “The good news is that once we awaken enough to be ‘there’ – present to ourselves whenever these unconscious parts of us become activated – then by the light of that self-awareness we regain our right to be self-ruling.” Fortunately, the Franklin Makeover shined a light on a behavior I needed to change.

Joe adds, “We also know that nerve cells that no longer fire together no longer wire together. They lose their long-term relationship because EVERY TIME we INTERRUPT a thought process that produces a chemical response in the body, those nerve cells that are connected to each other start breaking the long-term relationship

Shine the light …  

Flash Light Laser_images

on Self-Awareness!

Moving forward, I better understand the importance of INTERRUPTING my negative thoughts and behaviors through the Laws of Substitution and Practice … to stop those Peptides from continuing their addictive influences.

Thank you Mark J and Davene for the Franklin Makeover and your life-changing process. It’s definitely making my life better!!!

Awareness is the beginning of change!”


Amen to that!


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